In 1974 the Wood County Jail opened and served as a full time facility until 2001. At this time the regional jail authority was formed and all inmates serving sentences were transferred to the North Central Regional Jail located at Greenwood, WV in Doddridge County.

The Wood County Jail then became a 12 hour holding center providing service to all police agencies in the county and regional jails, to hold inmates for court and to transport inmates to the North Central Regional Jail, if necessary.

Wood County was the first county in the state to implement a Home Confinement Operation. This operation began in the late 1980's, Steven George (adult probation) and Arthur Gustke (circuit judge) at the time, were instrumental in starting the home confinement program. Inmates that qualified were placed on home confinement monitoring in lieu of serving time in the regional jail, reducing the cost of inmate maintainance for the county.

The holding center and home confinement have been combined and now operate as Confinement Operations.


Steven A. Stephens


The Holding Center

Contact Information

Control Center (304) 424-1945

Hours of Operation

Monday-Sunday around the clock

Mailing Address
401 2nd Street Suite 11
Parkersburg, WV 26101


Confinment payments can be made in the Sheriff's Tax Office, located in the Judge Black Annex across from the Blennerhassett Hotel.