1. When is property assessed?
    Property is assessed July 1.

  2. Do businesses need to fill out forms if they are no longer in business?
    Yes. It is extremely important to return the business assessment form marked "OOB" or "Out of Business".
    If the form is not returned, the previous year's assessment is carried over and appreciated 10% plus a penalty.
    It is the taxpayer's responsibility to inform the Assessor's Office when they go out of business.

  3. When a company has machinery or vehicles that are still in use, but have been fully depreciated or written off, must the company report the machinery or vehicles?
    Yes. The equipment must be reported on Schedule A, vehicles on Schedule E .Any property that is fully depreciated and is no longer in use should be reported on Schedule G.

  4. Do I include apportioned vehicles on Schedule E?
    No. Apportioned vehicles are taxed at the State level. 

  5. When can I purchase dog tags?  How much are the tags?
    Dog tags must be renewed July 1st - Sept 30th each year. West Virginia law requires the assessor to collect a license fee on all dogs 6 months of age or older. You may purchase a dog tag anytime throughout the year.
    Dog fees:
    City of Parkersburg and outside city limits  $3.00
    Vienna & Williamstown  $6.00  

    Checks made payable and mail to:  
    Rich Shaffer, Assessor
    321 Market St
    Parkersburg, WV 26101